Kakashi Racing Takes Two Wins, Two Thirds, and a New PTE Lap Record at Hyperfest


Full report coming soon!!

Hankook Tire Press Release: http://www.hankooktireusa.com/press/press_press_view.asp?pid=184


Race Results:

Saturday: http://www.nasaracing.net/HyperFest07/results/R%20Stinger%20062307_Fina.html

Sunday: http://www.nasaracing.net/HyperFest07/results/R%20Stinger%20062407.html

Quotes (Courtesy Jeremy Billiel)

- "(Greg) Man I drive a diesel truck for the first time and I get a flat. What the hell?" (Jeremy) "Well, we were driving 80 MPH...!"

- "(Jeremy) Do you have a spare?" (Greg) "Yup!" (Jeremy) "It's not the tire we took off at Road Atlanta last year?" (Greg) "Yup!"

- (Phil) "Who said Jeremy was not smart?" (As Jeremy keeps telling them how to put the canopy together...)

- (Jeremy) "Greg - Do you want more oversteer?" (Greg) "I always need more oversteer!!"

- RJ falls over Nitrogen bottle - (AJ) "Power Ranger Down!!!"

- (Greg) "Keep it up Mark and you'll need to watch your butt tonight..."

- (Sabatello) - "Joe, I gave you a push to get down the straight faster!" (As Joe's bumper is falling off and the frame rail is crushed)

- (Crazy Joe) "Jeremy. you suck at parking this truck!!!"

There are soooo many more...