2011 Progress
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January  - Ah, the wonderful smell of...well, a lot of snow. New England is getting more than its share this year, enough to keep us all hunkered down (though Thea consistently reminds me it's nowhere near what she endured living in Utica NY...) Lawton is enjoying having won last year's NARRC championship, Jeremy is enjoying life as a new father, Matt is snuggling himself by collecting Miatae - he's going to own the whole set soon - and I, Greg, am working toward some significant garage upgrades (new concrete floor with radiant heating, a 2-post lift, insulation and sheet rock, etc). And Joe is just flat missing; I heard he's around once in a while, but I've yet to see evidence of it...

Notice not too much talk up there (^^^) about working on cars. Well, except for Matt, but he always working on something.

Yup, another year upon us, one more digit added to the calendar. Jeremy and I have plans for replacing the Integra engine I broke at Road America last September, just seems like we're missing that one key ingredient: motivation. But it'll happen. Blake Meredith down in Atlanta is building an IT-spec head for us, and we've already bought a bottom end to mate it to. And other than installing that and tuning it we're good to go for 2011. By the way, we're going full-up in STL (Light) this year, with maybe an occasional foray into STU (same as last year)...we'll focus on some key events; no SCCA Runoffs this year, I think, but I would like to hit Mid-Ohio and Road Atlanta again. Expect to see me doing enduros in Miatae and/or Pablo again at NJMP and VIR, maybe others.

Matt's got his head full-up in Miatas. Something, something, "empire of the Miata world", something, something...

Jeff is sticking with the ITA Saturn this year. A championship repeat...?

Joe is just flat missing.

Yeah, world's just about right, I'd say...

See you out there!

December Postscript - Well, seems the blog here in the page is rarely updated, primarily because there's just not a lot going on. But 2011 saw Jeff Lawton selling the ITA Saturn and buying an SSB Mini, only to get into an "incident" and denting it up quite well. Jeremy and Greg continued to work on the Integra for STL with some limited success; 2012's approval for STL to go National should help.

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