2000 Haulmark 24' Trailer, white
3500# axles, 7000# GVW
Electric brakes, both axles
Front bench, under cabinet, space for securing rollaway toolboxes
Carpet floor
Tire racks
12V DC lights in ceiling (work off truck power)
Four new tires, summer 2007
Bearings and brakes serviced, summer 2007

Asking $5500/obo

Note on the trailer pics: I will be keeping all the interior storage items, such as the oil containers and fuel jug storage bins. The tire racks and front bench/cabinet assembly will stay, but I will retain the rollaway toolboxes.


10/28/07 - Trailer Update

When I was cleaning out the trailer last Saturday I took some more pics. First, I noted some damage; it was there from the prior owner and I had forgotten about it, but wanted to disclose it. Further, I took a couple of pics to show how it's equipped and will be delivered.

Damage: the tail is slightly bent from, I guess, pulling across inclines; each front corner looks like someone cut it too close and tagged a high curb; and the left rear corner looks like someone cut it too close and had to replace the marker light. All of this damage is purely cosmetic, and wasn't enough for me to bother repairing.

Interior: This is what you'll get. tire rack is included, as is the new spare tire. Note that I'm also including two brand-new roof vents (cardboard boxes) that I never got around to installing, and the orange bar is some kind of trailer wheel lock (but I think some parts are missing, I never used it). - GA