APR Exhaust System for Audi S4, 2000, 6-speed

I thought I'd install it, but 1) I'm not clear if I'm keeping this car long-term and 2) I'm very unmotivated to do the work. If APR were closer, it would already be on the car...

APR part numbers CD100002 and CB100008, original details here: http://www.goapr.com/products/apr_exhaust_b5s4.html all parts are brand new, never installed; boxes were only recently opened to take the below photos and all parts were immediately repacked. It's a very nice design, well turned-out. I'm impressed with the quality of the parts.

Per the above link, these parts have a retail value of $2648; the parts are currently on sale for 10% off, or $2382.20. Plus, you'll have to pay APR another $175 for shipping, so you'll end up paying about $2560 to buy these from APR.

My asking price is another 10+% off APR's sale price, $2100, plus shipping costs. I would estimate those shipping costs at $175; if an exact price is needed send to me your mailing address.

Greg, grega -at- pobox dawt com.


Caution: photos are ~2 Mb each, intentionally large so you can see the details.