ITA NX2000 Airdam/Splitter
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Note these are UNFINISHED pieces; I left extra material there, plus there's no fasteners or anything else. You will be responsible for final-fitting and developing how you want to attach them to your car. The beauty of an unfinished part is you can make it as small as you want. In fact, I'll have to do some trimming myself to make it Improved Touring legal.

For attachment, in these photos they are attached to the car via toggle nuts and #6 stainless screws. However, I'm planning on using quarter-turn fasteners (Dzus).

As for effectiveness, Simon McBeath (Racecar Engineering) did a CFD analysis of an airdam only (no splitter) on a NASCAR-type model and found 200 pounds of reduced front-end lift at 112 mph...and that's with JUST an airdam... Most folks think of splitters as wings, where there's significant "downforce" on the splitter itself; in truth the benefits of splitters is that they work with the air dam to reduce lift underneath the front end of the car. As such, the lion's share of the vertical force is actually on the nose of the car, not the splitter. Below is a link to a discussion on the IT forum and a link to a PDF of three of McBeath's article in RacerCar Engineering. He goes into much more detail in his new book, but comparing the airdam, then with splitter, and finally with an undertray diffuser, fully 2/3 of the lift and drag reduction comes from simply adding an airdam...

My plans are to trim back that "splitter" portion to be minimally effective as a stiffener, then add aluminum sheet or plywood veneer underneath as an under-tray.

These parts are available for $180 each plus shipping. The boxes would be large, but they weigh almost nothing. Contact me via email (grega -at- pobox -dot- com) if you're interested in buying, how many, and so forth - Greg