Kakashi Racing is a labor of love for the team. Initially begun as a "fun thing to do" it soon evolved into a quest to prove the capabilities of the Nissan NX2000. Constantly having to develop, tune, and design components to fill a void in the marketplace, Matt and Greg strive for excellence.

A common question is the source of the team name. Very few people have been racing these Nissan B13 chassis cars, so we were continually treading into unknown territory, learning new things as we went along. As we pursued preparation of the NX2000, we found that the few aftermarket parts available for it just weren’t up to our high standards for racing; the few parts that existed for this car, mostly made for the street crowd, just didn’t work.

We were constantly being told that if “we only had a brain” we’d follow the advice given to us by 'those that should know'. However, it seemed each time we tried that advice it just didn’t work for us, so we kept foraging our own trails. As a result we now believe that we have the fastest, best-prepared Nissan B13 chassis in Improved Touring trim.

Our team name, Kakashi Racing, reflects that. “Kakashi”, as we understand it, is the Japanese word for scarecrow, as in “if we only had a brain…”